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1. Require customer email list-manage by owner or bartenders.

2. random:
2 sec. selfie-ad every 3 minutes.
3. random:
every 3 minutes.
revenue sharing

- Require Tablet
- Wifi

- Sales Assis.
- Social Media
- Internet Fees

- Backend Oper.
- Tech. Support
- Server Maint.

Chicago Proj.
Bar List
CHI What Street in Chicago has the most bars?
Lincoln Avenue comes in at third with 128. City-spanning Halsted has one less at 127 — with most concentrated in Boystown and Lincoln Park.
NYC Filtering down to the license associated with a bar, there are about *16,000* of these establishments in New York State, and then filtering down to just New York City, there are about *10,000 bars* within the city.